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kustard + klein

16 AUD

Material: stoneware, klein blue gloss glaze + custard glaze
Dimensions: 90mm x 90mm x ~6mm
Description: these versatile stoneware wall tiles are handmade and hand glazed. Each tile is unique and shares the same overlapping custard and blue glaze pattern. Backing of tile has scoring texture for added grip.

Note: does not include mounting fixtures. price indicated is for one tile only . Each ceramic item is unique and will resemble the featured images with their added individual markings of the creation process.


Ceramics reminds me not to focus on its predictability which architecture relies upon. The temperamental nature of clay are qualities I embrace and challenge, their happenstance unique and at times strangely beautiful. They show a place open to experimentation and provide room for unexplored forms, all the things we seek to find in the spaces we inhabit and the environments lived in.

Natalie Rosin currently practices architecture and ceramics in Sydney.

For more information visit www.natalie-rosin.com

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